Unofficial Official Rule Book for Social Media

Unofficial Official Rule Book for Social Media

Emma Magnuson, Polls Editor

Have you ever second guessed yourself when you’re about to post a picture on social media? Was it because you feared what people would think? Or because you were scared you wouldn’t get a lot of likes? I’m here to tell you that none of that should matter. 

Social media was designed as a way for people to express themselves anyway they wish, not to measure popularity or to compete with people.  Whether it be Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, people will be able to see whatever you post. This may lead to an anxious feeling of pressure put upon by yourself. 

You should never post or say things online that don’t truly show the person you are. Making a post online for the sole reason of having people notice you isn’t the purpose of social media.  True people don’t judge people by the amount of followers they have or the number of likes your seflie gets. Instead, people should get judged off of their personality and how they treat others around them.

Your social media account should reflect the person you are and the interests, hobbies or sports you partake in. Your social media account should consist of whatever you want, as long as it reflects your true person. 

Social media is a wonderful thing, it offers endless possibilities in all aspects of life. This could include online schooling, homework help, staying in touch with friends and family and something as simple as entertainment. According to Ms. Floresta, a teacher at Lindnehurst High School, the internet is helpful, “for research, for connecting with kids from other schools, other countries, but I don’t think it should be everything.”

Although social media offers all sorts of possibilities for people, it may be proven to be dangerous for some.  To ensure safety, I highly suggest keeping social media profiles on “private”. This way, you are able to allow only friends to see your posts. You should avoid talking to strangers, especially if they make you feel uncomfortable. If, for whatever reason, someone won’t leave you alone, then you should block them.

Whatever you post, no matter how minuscule it may be, that post is forever online. People will see it, whether or not you decide to delete it. It’s important to always treat others the way you would like to be treated in return. When considering what to post online, Ms. Floresta states, “it will always be there, even when you calm down, grow up and are looking for a job”.

A huge problem faced by those who use the internet is cyberbullying. Not everyone is a nice person and may post things online to upset others. This can include embarrassing photos or just some rumors. This isn’t a responsible way to use the internet. Instead of putting others down, the internet should be used to uplift the people around you. 

The internet is proven to be a very consuming place. Nowadays, children are being exposed to the internet at younger and younger ages. This can be a problem for the development of children into adults.  Kids are spending more time on the Internet instead of spending time with family, friends or even doing their homework. This leads to a decrease in good grades and an avoidance of schoolwork all together. 

When students get home from school, it’s easy to get sucked into YouTube or a new Netflix show. It’s hard to avoid the Internet all together, especially if teachers have assigned homework on the Internet.  Nothing changes, if nothing changes so set parameters for yourself using social media or download an app to help you control the habit. Offtime, Moment or Break Free are just a few apps that can help you change your Internet habits.