Zodiac of the month: Pisces

Zodiac of the month: Pisces

Madison Trumino, Staff Writer

Hello, fellow zodiac fans! Need a dose of reality or some reassurance? Well, there’s no better way to curb your appetite for guidance than reading your horoscope. This month we are focused on Pisces! A Pisces is a emotionally adaptable zodiac that has some duality in their personality! Find your inner zen Pisces and come read all about your nature!

Dates of Pisces: February 19th- March 20th

Alias: The Fishes

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune 

Pisces characteristics: Like the Pisces symbol of a pair of fishes swimming over each other in opposite directions Pisces can have contrasting personalities. On one hand they can be very compassionate, sensitive, and understanding. Yet another the other hand they can keep their real feelings and emotions under wraps! Overall, Pisces are very easy going and would rather have their problems sort themselves out then proactively solving them. A Pisces is also very affected by their environment. A warm and comforting environment that reflects a Pisces individuality will make them very happy and well adjusted. However when they dwell in a less than ideal environment that doesn’t bolster their security and comfort level their mood can be strongly affected. They need a home that is a safe haven for them and a place they can flourish. A Pisces has excellent ties to their families and is a fantastic son or daughter. They are always interested in the happiness of their parents and are the mediator and protector of their siblings. 

Pisces in Love: Pisces are kind, nurturing, and intuitive. They go to great lengths to strengthen a romantic relationship. When a Pisces is in love it’s all heart eyes, flowers and puppy dogs. It’s like they have been hit with cupid’s arrow. They are very affectionate partners that are excellent at demonstrating self expression. In a strong relationship with a solid foundation this is a dream. Yet when this sign falls head over heels and gives all that they have and the same love is not reciprocated they tend to be devastated. They need to work on loving in moderation and not being as impulsive in relationships. They need to know not to expect the world in return for being so affectionate. They need to take the time to get to know the person before diving in head first and this will lead to a romance that will last a lifetime. 

Pisces in the Workplace: A Pisces needs to choose a career out of passion. This creative sign needs stimulation or restlessness will settle in. Pisces have a deep need for self- expression and creativity through work and become bored if that needs not fulfilled. An imagination is the hallmark of this sign and the ability to create and let the mind wonder will lead a Pisces to fall in love with their job. They will strive in an occupation that does not have traditional boundaries.