Is Joe Biden Electable?


Nick Rippo, Editor

The long Democratic primary has been going on for around a year now, and in the beginning it had a ridiculous 20 something candidates running. As of late this has been ever decreasing, leading up to about a week ago, when Elizabeth Warren dropped out. Now there are only two viable candidates left. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. For much of the race before Super Tuesday (a day when a large number of states vote, including the two states with the most delegates), Bernie was considered the front runner but after big wins on both Super Tuesday, Super Tuesday 2, and the 3 states which were controversially much of the establishment has all but crowned Joe Biden the victor. All this despite the fact that not even half of U.S. states have been counted. To be fair, Biden does have a significant lead, however this lead happens to be exactly comparable to the lead Hillary Clinton had over former president Barack Obama in the primary for the 2008 election, so calling it for any one candidate seems to be patently absurd.

Many say the reason for this success is that it was inevitable, as he is the most “electable,” but is he really electable? The reason why Joe Biden has had a surge of support recently is because every other former democratic candidate, in a clear attempt from the DNC to prop up Biden, has endorsed him. And many of the former Amy Klobuchar, and Pete Buttigiege voters have listened. This along with the fact that MSNBC and CNN have basically become machines pumping out one positive Joe Biden story after another. The reason why this is so successful is because of the demographics of people who are really getting out to vote, boomers. A record number of elderly people have been getting out to the polls, as blue wave, “orange man bad”  rhetoric has just about consumed the news cycle that they spend a large time consuming. A record amount of young people have been voting too, overwhelmingly for Bernie. However this still doesn’t nearly measure up to just how many really old people are voting.

So can Joe Biden get through the general election riding on his support from mostly old or rich support. The answer is, probably not. Biden has very little support from young white or black people, almost no Latino support, and a large number of disgruntled Bernie supporters just won’t vote, and some may even go to Trump. All this is a perfect storm for Trump to win just like he did in the 2016 election. The entire Republican base is behind Trump, but an entire wing of democratic voters are very unlikely to even consider voting for Biden, making him much less electable than the establishment media might like to portray.