Fitness Over Quarantine

Lara Sinkus, Staff Writer

In March, the United States went into quarantine due to the Corona virus spreading rapidly. No one was allowed to leave their houses unless it was absolutely necessary. Therefore, gyms were closed and sports seasons were cut short. Lots of people decided over the duration of quarantine to do at-home workouts to either keep in shape while gyms were inaccessible and sports seasons were put to an end or to better their lifestyle and fitness ability to overall become a healthier person. As at-home workouts started to become a trend during quarantine, trainers started to release programs and videos for the public to complete in place of those that would be working out at their local gym. 

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is an Australian fitness trainer who has gained over fifteen million YouTube subscribers due to her fitness challenges during the quarantine period. Chloe has a website where she releases free workout programs that can last anywhere from two to twenty-eight weeks in length. There are many available varieties of programs available that workout specific parts of the body for you to choose from. The programs can be used worldwide and are available for anyone to access if you want a successful workout. The workouts in the programs can range anywhere in length from twenty to fifty minutes long, with anywhere from two to six minute workouts per day, unless it is a rest day. The videos themselves can last from ten to twenty minutes long. Her most famous program that she has released is her “2 Weeks Shred Challenge” program, which consists of two weeks of cardio, abs, upper body, legs, and glutes workouts. 

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Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness is a YouTube Channel that provides workouts and exercises that help with relieving stress, weight loss, and obtaining a healthy lifestyle. They have gained 5.15 million followers over quarantine. Popsugar provides all genres of workouts for people to do at home. A trainer guides the workouts with their two assistants at the Popsugar studio. Over quarantine, some trainers live-streamed their workouts from their homes for everyone to join mainly on YouTube, but occasionally on Instagram as well. The workouts can be as long as a quick five minute workout to over an hour long. There are workouts you can follow that include yoga, cardio training, and strength training, with or without weights, along with various others. There are many videos for you to try and each trainer provides several videos. This comes in handy if you find a certain trainer that you prefer more than others, as there will be plenty of videos from that specific trainer for you to complete! 

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Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson is a fitness trainer on Youtube that has acquired 932,000 subscribers over quarantine. Her channel consists of plenty of different workouts that can strengthen and tone your body. She has a free twelve week workout program that uses various types of workout equipment over the program. There are other smaller programs to complete on her channel as well, such as cardio and HIIT workouts. HIIT workouts, which stands for high-intensity interval training, are workouts where you do a certain set of exercises without a break, followed by short rests that can sometimes be active rests. These HIIT workouts prove to be more effective in raising the heart rate and burning fat faster.

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Madfit is a fitness instructor who posts workout videos on YouTube that are enjoyable for all. She has gained 4.68 million subscribers over quarantine. A widely preferred amount of her videos include her song workout videos. She plays a song and does a workout to the song that you follow along with. There are two types of music workouts she does; workouts that last the duration of a three to five minute song, and workouts where there is a fifteen to twenty music combination of songs. Other workouts on her channel include workouts for any level of fitness for any specific portion of your body you are looking to workout, with equipment and no equipment options. Madfit also provides many low impact workouts with no jumping included.

Link to Madfit’s YouTube Channel: 

These trainers have proved to be popular over the course of the months people were stuck at home to keep in shape while gyms and studios were closed. Completing  work outs with these trainers, can lead anyone to feeling stronger physically and mentally. If you found that working out is a hobby that you picked up by during the time we were stuck in our houses, continue to use these trainers and others to keep in shape and to obtain more fitness ability. There are several trainers on YouTube have created videos, programs, and live streams for the people at home to follow and benefit from to achieve their fitness goals.