Leadership Honor Scholarship

Lara Sinkus

What motivates you or keeps you going? 

One thing that motivates me to keep going during this time is my teachers, dance instructors, family/friends, dance, and keeping a positive mindset. My teachers and instructors keep me eager to learn and accomplish more, and to be the best I can be despite the circumstances. My friends and family encourage me to keep going and push through all of the obstacles that might get in the way. Keeping a positive mindset keeps me going because with everything going on and all the changes we have to accommodate to, you want to stay positive and not let yourself fall behind. Dance is a big contender in motivating me because when I am dancing, all of the stress just disappears. It feels relieving, almost as if a weight is lifted from my shoulders. Dance allows me to move freely and express all of my emotions through movement.  

What have you learned to appreciate? 

I have learned to appreciate the opportunities that we had when the world was normal. For example, being able to dance without staying distanced and wearing masks, and attending competitions. I have also learned to appreciate what we are able to do now regardless of the restrictions. In other words, I appreciate how far we have come since March. I have not attended a dance competition in over a year now and I have learned to appreciate that I have the opportunity to be back at dance and be active, despite the conditions that limit the way we approach activities. 

 How has this changed you?

This has changed me by showing me that you have to live in the moment and live your life to your greatest potential. You have to appreciate what you have, big or small, because in the blink of an eye, it can all change.