How to Keep Your Resolutions for the New Year


Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

A popular New Years tradition is creating a resolution for yourself. One that you want to keep throughout the year and once the year comes to an end, you reflect on it. Some new year’s resolutions are: I will go for a run everyday, I will read 15 books, I will travel to a new place, I will make a new friend, and so on. But it is difficult for most people to keep their resolutions and stick by them. Here are a few ways to help you to keep your resolutions…

Make it Specific

Most people say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat healthier” or even “I want to learn a new skill.” It’s kind of hard to stick to a resolution or goal when you don’t have a clear idea on it yet. Try saying something like “I am going to commit myself to losing 10 pounds,” “I am going to cut down on my sugar intake,” and “I will paint once a week till I get really good.” It is much more realistic sounding to you and even the ones around you. When you have a set goal in mind, it makes it easier for you to find a way to achieve it than having something so “up in the air” to count on.

Limit Yourself

Don’t overwhelm yourself with so many resolutions. Having only one is perfect because it helps you focus more on the goal you really want to achieve. It takes a lot of energy to change your bad habits and add your new one into your lifestyle. You can focus on making your goal much more achievable if there is only one you need to think about. Over time as this “new way of life” becomes easier to you, you can add something new to your list of things you want to achieve by the end of the year. Also know that there is always next year and you can achieve something else.

Plan it Out

Making a detailed plan is always the better way to do things like this. Choose exactly what you want your resolution to be and think about it carefully. Ask yourself how you are going to achieve this goal. Why do you want to achieve this goal? What steps will you take to get there in the end? How will you stay on path if something gets in the way? If you go straight into working toward your goal with no plan it’s easier to get stuck and give up. By knowing exactly what you want to do and how to get back on track if something goes wrong will help prepare you to overcome anything. Try by making a list and jotting down everything you plan on doing to achieve your goal.

Know Change is Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A very overused, but true, catchphrase. The bad habits you want to get rid of didn’t just show up overnight so there is no way they will leave just as quickly. You have to be patient with yourself and don’t give yourself a hard time. You are trying your best and the way to get good results is by giving yourself time to. It’s hard to write an essay the night before it is due, so you do a little bit everyday and in the end you have better, well thought out, essay and less stress that was put on you. These are resolutions you might want to continue for the rest of your life so there is no rush. Slow and steady wins the race, everybody knows that.

Keep on Going

Just keep going and don’t stop. It’s super easy to quit but not so easy to start again. Once you have the flow of everything and your resolution becomes a habit, that doesn’t mean you conquered. Yes you have achieved your goal, and congratulations, but that doesn’t mean you finished. Your resolution has adapted to your lifestyle and you are feeling so good about yourself…don’t let that end. Now you can come up with a new resolution for next year. Before you know it, in a few years you’ll be your best self. All because you kept going.


This year has been weird for everyone. Some of us were able to keep up with our old lives and adapt to being at home all the time. Some of us weren’t so lucky in that department and we sort of lost our old habits. Now we need a little pick me up to get back in the game. But making good changes for yourself is all part of life and New Year’s Resolutions are the best way to do so. A fresh start for some fresh new ideas.