Zoom Cat Filter Switcheroo


Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

Filters are used mostly on social media apps like SnapChat and Instagram, but most people didn’t expect Zoom to have a cat filter.

The same thought raced through Rod Ponton’s head.  Rod, a Texas attorney, became powerless against the power of computer mishaps after he appeared on his secretary’s device as a filter replaced him with a small white and little gray kitten.

Naturally, he tried convincing the Judge to resume the court hearing with the reason of, “I’m here live, it’s-I’m not a cat”.

The news spread quickly with Ponton describing his calls from all over his mishap quickly went viral.

Luckily after the incident which turned Ponton into five minutes of a fame sensation, he is able to laugh about the technological error.  He states,  “I hope everybody could have little chuckle at my expense today.”

The event brought humor to stressful lives of many.  Daniel Victor from the New York Times writing, “Though the shared recording was less than a minute long, its comedy unfurled second by second, as if it were meticulously scripted”.