Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day.

Cecilia Sesto, Staff writer

It’s Valentine’s Day! The special day of the year when we show our appreciation for people we care about, by exchanging cards, chocolates, and flowers but those gifts are boring. Here’s a list to spice up your Valentine’s Day.


“What I love about you” Journal 

Fill this book with sweet compliments, inside jokes or maybe even the day you fell in love with your partner. That way your partner can flip through the pages whenever they need a reminder of how loved they are.


Preserved Rose

Instead of an actual bouquet that dies within a week get one preserved. So your partner can be reminded of your love long after Valentine’s Day.


Personalized Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

Write a heartfelt message on the back of the puzzle. Then tell your partner to turn it over once they finished the puzzle to reveal the message.


Initial Bracelet

Give your partner a bracelet with your initials or name. So they can look down and you’re always there. 


Hoya Heart Plant

The heart shaped leaves on this plant can serve as a symbol of your love long after Valentines Day.


Make Your Own Truffle Kit

Instead of the boring box of chocolates, try this DIY kit. 


Your Vows as an Art Print

Frame your vows so your partner can look at it from now until forever.



The best gift to get your partner is a vacation. Whether it’s in the mountains or at the beach as long as you’re with each other.  

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!