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Anastasia Gamez
Anastasia Gamez is a sophomore at LHS, this is her second year writing for the school paper.  The first thing that she likes is writing. Anastasia likes to write about everything and anything.  Writing is so enjoying to her. She said that when she’s writing she feels like all of her problems go away and that she can write as much as she wants. Her second like is going to get really personal right now. Another like for Anastasia is her favorite singer and that person is Justin Bieber. She has always loved Justin Bieber ever since she was really young. She could re play his songs over and over again and would care what anyone would say. Her final like would be reading books. She would only read a book if she is interested in it. She doesn’t really have favorite genres or authors. She just really likes to read whatever her mood is at that time. She can sit there for days reading the same book over and over again.  Anastasia  loves to go to journalism that is her favorite class. She describes journalism as being exhilarating and a thrill to go to. She chose this class because as we said before she loves and has the thrill to write. 

Anastasia Gamez, Staff Writer

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