Kurt Cobain’s 27th Death Anniversary


Diana Singh, Staff Writer

A little over two weeks ago, was the 27th death anniversary of  a rock/indie legend, Kurt Cobain. Cobain was a famous man who achieved quite a lot in his life and even became an idol to some. Fans of the late singer have made their tributes and showed their love to him in many different ways.

Kurt was born Kurt Donald Cobain on February 20th, 1967. He had a pretty normal childhood till the young age of nine when his parents divorced. Kurt dived into some troubling behavior always feeling angry and troubled in general. His emotional pain would later become a pathway for much of his later music. As a teen Kurt moved frequently between relatives houses and sometimes even slept under bridges. Around this time he began to partake in drugs and petty vandalism as forms of teen rebellion.

Kurt seemed to be musically gifted from a young age, in the 1980’s he would begin playing with members of the local “sludge rock” band the Melvins. In 1985 he created a homemade tape of a song which caught the attention of a drummer Krist Novoselic who Kurt would go on to create the infamous band, Nirvana.

Later on in 1992 Kurt married his then longtime girlfriend, Courtney Love, and a year later they welcomed their baby girl, Frances Bean Cobain. Besides having his daughter and getting married there were two big problems Kurt suffered from: depression and chronic stomach pain. After getting into drugs, Kurt was a frequent user of heroin and used a variation of painkillers in an effort to numb the extreme stomach pains he’d had. In March of 94,’ Kurt overdosed on a mix of pills and heroin in Rome which unfortunately wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to Kurt as a month later he snuck out of a Los Angeles drug treatment center and back to his Seattle home where he shot and killed himself. That’s brought us to the end of Kurt Cobain’s life and career; however, his legacy definitely still lives on. People draw art, make memories, listen to his music, and just keep his memory alive in general even twenty-seven years later.

Even with Courtney, Frances, and his fans keeping his spirit alive he is sorely missed.  Kurt was a father, a husband, feminist, and many others things. Most importantly was that Kurt Cobain was a big legend in the world of music and so was his band.