AP Tests 2021

Veronica Merchelski, Staff Writer

With the AP tests starting May 3rd, 2021, many students are studying for their tests hoping to get a 5 his year. However, with the pandemic still going on, the teens of Lindenhurst High School are having to choose whether to take the test in person or online and what each option would include.  

Ms. Levy, the AP coordinator at Lindenhurst High School gives some insight on how the tests will be conducted in-person. “We are going to be in the building and the exams will either be given in the gym or in designated classrooms.” She goes on to say that the bells will also be shut off to make sure not to disturb the students taking their AP test.

For those students who are taking the test online they will have to log into the testing app on their chromebook and make sure that they have their camera on at all time. “The questions that they are going to ask, they have set it up in a way that they can’t research the answers so if you skip a question you can’t go back.” is what Ms. Levy stated when talking about the online setting of the test. In addition students should be advised to make sure to check if their app on the chromebook is working and is accessible. 

An important addition to the in-person testing is that students will have to go to their classes right before and after their testing will start. If someone’s test starts at 12pm, they will have to attend all their morning classes prior to the test. 

Whether the test will be easier or more difficult based on which option the students choose has not been proven and both tests are said to have the same level of difficulty. Of course according to which type of test taker you are, there will be an increase or decrease in the level of difficulty for each of the in-person or online options. 

A final piece of advice from Ms. Levy to all the students taking their tests, “Make sure you are prepared, use any study materials, make sure you follow instructions when talking it online and just take a deep breath.” Lastly to all the students taking the AP tests this year, good luck.