New Wall Murals in the School

Dominic Colavito, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School is always looking for new ways to update the school. A way the school can do this without a major cost is by updating the murals. According to Art teacher and NAHS Adviser, updating the murals will really upgrade the school.  Mrs. Cuozzo says, “Some of the murals are timeless and others need help.”  Some murals are dated or seem to not represent exemplary art work.  The Statue of Liberty not being in proportion is an example.

Some of these type of murals in the school have recently been covered up. All of the murals have been photographed and uploaded on the schools website for posterity. Framed art work from students have been hung outside the art hallway. 

Only murals in the art hallway have been covered up so far. Mrs. Cuozzo is hoping to have some mural replacements for next year. For example, Peer Leadership is working on a mural that has been approved by the Art Service Club. 

If any student is interested in creating a mural, the student must know where they want it to be painted, and provide a sketch for approval by the Art Service Club.  They must also provide their own materials. A timeline from start to finish will be provided.

Updating the murals may also have a positive impact on the students. Seeing a mural that you are not familiar with may not interest you. However if you see a mural of something that interests you, it may intrigue you or create enthusiasm and inspiration for your school community.