Vaccination Survey Among Lindenhurst High School Students


Lara Sinkus, Staff Writer

Many students have been receiving the COVID vaccine since they are now eligible. Recently, the age range dropped, so it is available to 12-15 year olds as well. I have anonymously taken a survey on people ranging from ninth to twelfth grade to see their different opinions and reactions to the vaccine. All of the participants in the survey are Lindenhurst High School Students. 

I ended up getting forty-four people who had participated, all receiving different vaccines, a majority being Pfizer. The least received vaccine was the Johnson &  Johnson. There was the greatest number of seniors who had gotten the vaccine, and the smallest number of juniors who had gotten the vaccine. After the first dose, the main side effects were fatigue and a sore arm, or for many nothing at all. For the people who received the second dose, the side effects that most had were tiredness, aches, and a fever, or nothing. Therefore, everyone has different reactions because everyone’s body reacts to things differently. 

At the end, I asked two questions. “Do you feel safer after receiving the vaccine? Do you recommend that everyone should get vaccinated if eligible?” To the first question, 79.5% of the people who answered had felt safer after receiving the vaccine, while the other 20.5% believe that they did not feel safer after getting vaccinated. For the second question, 81.8% say that if you are eligible to get vaccinated you should, compared to the 18.2% who do not. In conclusion, everyone has received different vaccinations, had different side effects, and has varying opinions upon receiving the vaccination. 

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