Top 10 Disney Movies at LHS



Erika Hendrickson, Staff Writer

      As of now, Disney is the biggest movie company in the world with over 483 officially licensed movies. Some are more well known than others, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mary Poppins, and more. Disney was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney and his older brother Roy O. Disney. Their goal for starting Disney was to entertain as well as educating the public about what is going on in the world at the moment. This may leave you wondering, what are people’s top 10 favorite Disney movies? We’ve conducted a survey with the students of Lindenhurst High school to find out just that. In this article we take a dive into peoples top 10 favorite Disney movies using the data we got from the students at Lindenhurst High school.  


Number 10

            To start off our list we have Aladdin. This movie is about a young man named Aladdin, who steals from different markets in the streets of Agrabhan so he can live. We also meet Princess Jasmine who is the daughter and only heir of the sultan. She has been trapped in the palace walls since as long as she can remember. She sneaks out of the palace and meets Aladdin in the market. The guards find her and are about to take her back to the palace then Jarfar (The sultan’s advisor) realizes Aladdin is the one he needs to get the genie lamp to make his wish to become the sultan.  

Number 9

               Coming in at number 9 we have the movie Hercules. The movie Hercules follows the Greek mythology story of Hercules himself, well it does tone down and cut out some of it, it still follows the story of his life. He was kidnapped as a baby by Hades and was forced to live with the mortals as half-man, half-god. Now he needs to perform a bunch of tasks to prove himself to the gods so he can live with them on Mount Olympus. Hercules must learn how to use his strength to defeat evil creatures.


Number 8

                 At number 8 we have Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is a story about two clown fish (a father and son). The fathers name is Marlin and he has always been very over protective over his son Nemo. Nemo does not like this so one day he is with his friends he decides he is going to “touch the butt” or touch the bottom of a boat but when doing so he gets caught by the people on the boat. Marlin is now going on a hunt to find his son and get him back safe and sound and along the way he meets a fish named Dory who had short term memory loss.


Number 7

           Up next we have the movie Brave. Brave is about a young girl, Merida who comes from the royal bloodline of the Scottish. She is expected to be this picture perfect princess who marries a man she doesn’t know and have kids but that’s not what she wants. She wants to be able to do what she wants like archery. She seeks help from a witch in the land but it does not go how she was expecting it and now she has to fix everything before the time runs out.


Number 6

             At number 6 we have the movie Mulan. Mulan is about a young woman named Mulan whose father is about to be drafted for a war. She is fearful of this considering how old her father is so she gets dressed up as a man to take his spot because during this time women were not allowed to fight during wars or any battles really. She uses her smarts and what she learns to fight and eventually help win the war.


Number 5

               In the number 5 spot we have The Lion King. The Lion King is the story about how a young lion named Simba grows up. He goes through many trials including losing his father and then being chased away by a stampede right after. He grows up in the desert with a Warthog named Pumba and a Meerkat named Timon. Eventually a friend from his childhood named Nala finds him and convinces him to go back and save the grasslands because of how bad conditions have gotten under the new ruler Scar, Simba’s uncle. 


Number 4

                Coming up next we have Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is the story about a teenager named Hiro, he is a very intelligent boy seeing as he finished high school at 13. He lives with his Aunt Cass and his brother Tadashi because his parents died. Hiro has nothing to do with his time so Tadashi suggests he apply to the college he goes to, to make robots because Hiro has a passion for fighting robots. Tadashi dies in a fire started at the college and Hiro is distraught. He spends a lot of time isolating himself until one day he hurts himself in his room and Tadashi’s robot, Baymax. Hiro learns that a masked villain started the fire at the college and is the reason for Tadashi’s death and forms a superhero team to get back at him.  


Number 3

                  10 Things I Hate About You. This movie is about a family rule that keeps a young girl named Kat from dating. Her older sister Bianca must get a boyfriend in order for Kat to be able to date.  A boy who would like to date Kat sets up Bianca with the school’s unpopular kid named Patrick Verona.


Number 2

                          In our number two spot we have Tangled. Tangled is the story about a princess named Rapunzel who was kidnapped as a baby. She was kidnapped because her hair had the powers of the Sun drop flower. She had the power because when her mother was pregnant with her she got sick and that was the only cure. After Rapunzel’s kidnapping she is locked in a tower for all her life wishing that on her birthday she can see the lanterns not knowing they were for her. A thief named Flynn Rider steals the kingdom’s crown and in a successful attempt to get away from the castle guards he finds and climbs up Rapunzel’s tower. Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan then when he wakes up makes a deal with him that if he takes her to see the lantern then she will return the crown, he agrees and they go on an amazing adventure and fall in love along the way.

Number 1
          The most voted Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. This is the story about a young girl named Belle. She is said to be the prettiest girl in all of the village and the big village hotshot Gaston wants to marry her.  Belle’s father Maurice is known as the village crazy person and leaves to go sell his late wife’s music box to pay his taxes. On his way there a big storm hits and Maurice takes shelter in the beast castle where the best locks him up. Belle wonders where her father is after him not being home for more days than usual and goes out to find him. She ends up finding him locked away at the beast tower and ends up trading herself for her fathers freedom.