Peer Leadership Class of 2021-2022!

Jill Eastby and Natasha Qureshi

Welcome to the Peer Leadership class of 2021-2022! This class is something completely different because our sole purpose is to make the school a better place, not only for the students, but for the teachers as well. We’re a group of 23 seniors and we’re here for you all! We peer mediate, run freshman orientation and so much more. We gave tours to the class of 2025 and explained to them what high school is all about. The kids all seemed very nervous about coming to the high school so we tried our best to make their experience as easy as possible. They were very interested in how different the high school is from the middle school. We are already starting to help new kids and so many others. On the first day of school we wore our peer leadership shirts for those who needed help with anything. 

We went on a trip to the firehouse for peer mediation training and activities so we can handle situations and resolve conflicts. Not only did we learn strategies to overcome issues, we also had a great bonding experience and got to know each other even better. 

In class, our art directors have been decorating around our classroom and the school.  We are working on decorating our bulletin board in the main hallway right near the nurse’s office with nice lights and cute decor. There will be pictures of us Peer Leaders wearing our shirts, so take a look when you get the chance! 

 We were super excited to meet our life skills groups. We will be teaching important life lessons to these students in a fun, different approach such as communication, self-esteem, emotions, bullying, etc. We played some games with them, drew some fun pictures, and formed great bonds. Hopefully there will be some nice weather sometime soon so we can do some activities at the field. We will be meeting with them a couple more times this year and we can’t wait. 

Our Sunshine Committee takes care of events, like birthdays, to make us all feel special and celebrated. It’s just another way to show appreciation for one another and prove that we are all a group of individuals who stand together. It makes us excited for when someone has accomplished something so we can applaud them for their achievements. For example, when the time comes for us to commit to college, we will be cheering and celebrating our acceptances and hanging up flags of the college we will be attending. Plus, we all can’t wait for our birthdays so we get an adorable signed card with a treat and a balloon. It makes us feel loved 🙂 


          Stay tuned throughout the year for any updates and exciting news!                                       

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