Playing Dead’s Resurrection from COVID


Courtesy of their Facebook page

The newly emerging band Playing Dead is planning to perform all across the United States, but they may be closer to stardom than you think.  One may know the lead guitarist, Richard Ferrara, as an English teacher who teaches in room 133.  

Although he had joined the band four years ago, Playing Dead had been a band long before then.  The band plays mostly rock music.  The whole band is interested in a wide range of music, however Richard Ferrara declares they chose that genre because “it best fits their taste” and “have been writing this sort of music for over 20 years now, so it just makes sense.”  

Playing Dead consists of Richard Ferrara, Sam Hoyos, the lead singer and rhythm guitar, Dave Casale who plays the Bass, Jason Rutcofsky on the keyboard, Jessica Rutcofsky, who does the  backing vocals, and Chris Nolte on the Drums.

Similar to every music artist, Playing Dead was affected by COVID, however it turned out to not be so disastrous.  The sudden change caused the five to record their playing and develop an online following.  During this time they created relations with Taking Back Sunday and other bands such as Envy On The Coast.  The drummer from Taking Back Sunday, Mark O’Connell is planning on practicing and performing with them.

One of their big gigs was at Irving Plaza, NYC, which had personal significance to Ferrara, “I’ve been going to see my favorite bands play at Irving Plaza since I was in high school, so this was a great thrill to me.  To be able to see the other side that bands see (back stage, green room, room from the stage) was unreal.”  He expresses his gratitude for the supportive audience.  You can visit that in their live performances, watch them on Youtube, or go to their Instagram page at @playingdeadny.  Their tour info will be on their Instagram and Facebook page (