Environmental Club’s Beach Clean Up

It is important to keep the Earth green and take care of the environment around us.


Giuliana Barberio

Lindenhurst High School’s Environmental Club hosted a Beach Clean Up at Venetian Shores, on Friday April 22nd. Students from all age volunteered for their community, starting by cleaning up the trash on our very own beach. Venetian Shores has the reputation of being more on the filthy side—the water is unsafe and our townspeople don’t clean up after themselves as much as we would like them to. But thanks to Mr. Polochak and Mr. Sikorsky, the Beach Clean Up was made possible due to the perseverance of the teachers, and their remarkable students who took the time to go to a school event during their spring break. 

Garbage bags, plastic gloves, and a check-list were handed out to each group of students who attended the Beach Clean Up, as well as to relatives and friends who decided to come along for the ride. A Beach Clean Up Bingo Board was also included for the volunteers to have an extra challenge. Students subsequently made their way throughout the beach to seek out any litter that was abandoned on the sand. The coolest item a group of students found was a giant plastic pipe laid out in the bushes, neglected by whoever put it there, becoming engulfed in stains and moss.

Items such as beverage bottles, bottle caps, cigarette filters, food wrappers, broken glass, pull tabs, and straws were the most frequently found items that each student obtained towards the end of the day. Occasional pieces of rope, clothing, balloons, fishing lines, tires, batteries, and diapers were also found, but not as regularly. Mr. Polochak and Mr. Sikorsky managed to add up all the items found in their categories and compare them to the rest. The most found item on the list was Cigarettes/Cigarette Filters at a number of 296. Bottle caps come in second with a number of 127 found. Food wrappers come in at a close third with a number of 126.

The idea to sell t-shirts and tote bags was fostered in the Environmental Club meetings, and made possible due to student Julie Leon’s design and a friend of Mr. Polochak, who took the time to manufacture all the garments. Items were made available for purchase during the event. All different size shirts and one size fits all tote bags were lined up for students to pick and contribute fundraising money.  

Towards the end of the event, all volunteers gathered around at the tables and discussed everything they had learned from their experience. It is important to care for our environment and do all we can to keep it safe. Whether it’s picking up the trash on a beach, or shutting the water off while you’re brushing your teeth. Anything you can possibly do to keep the environment green will help a great deal in the future.