Are Marketing Strategies Changing Because of Social Media? 


Cassidy Botsch, Staff Writer

Are Marketing Strategies Changing Because of Social Media? 

    Social media takes up a large portion of our society. The platforms have grown, and the user population has greatly increased. Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok, marketing corporations have switched their strategies. Marketing is the process of getting potential clients, or customers interested in your products and services. The four P’s are their targets; product, place, price, and promotion. Employees in marketing work day in and day out promoting new products for businesses. Previously, they resorted to magazines, newspapers, and billboards. Now, their biggest target is social media platforms. 


PROS & CONS of marketing through social media:


Huge audience with different age varieties Risk of negative commentary
Low cost Time consuming
Users reposting to help promote Social media marketing takes control off business owners and marketers.
High interaction rate Low return on investment
Fast publicity Risk of security breach


     Social media are the apps that hold millions of users. They are used by all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender, etc. With social media, you can reach an audience that you never thought was possible. You can interact and engage with your customer base on a daily basis, and in the most virtual, direct way possible. Therefore, social media opens up an opportunity for brands to understand who their audience is and what they desire. Taking this into account, it seems like a great strategy to promote things. Several small business entrepreneurs promote their products on social media, and larger companies have recently started taking advantage of the easy to access source, due to the big audience and low cost.  

     Overall, social media definitely has changed the ways of marketing teams. Though it does have its downsides and reasons to be cautious with it, it does help to enhance the sell rate. According to the latest Sprout Social Index, 90% of consumers will purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Your followers are also more likely to choose your brand over a competitor and/or challenging company. They are even more likely to visit your physical store, and other actions that push sales in a positive direction!