Lindenhurst Varsity Girls Track


Cassidy Botsch, Staff Writer

     The Lindenhurst varsity girls track and field team has had quite the season. With many rainy days and strong winds, the whole team persevered and finished off the season! There were a total of four meets and two invitationals. The first meet was a home tri-meet between us, Huntington, and Copaigue. The team took a big win against Copaigue, and only lost by a mere two points against Huntington, which was very unexpected and very thrilling because Huntington’s team is ranked very highly on Long Island. The second meet was another tri-meet against Northport and Half-Hollow Hills East, taking place at Northport High School. Unfortunately, the team did not take home any wins against either town, but lots of girls beat their personal records. Their third meet was against Smithtown, and their last meet was with Connetquot. Sadly, neither meets were won by Lindenhurst, although the girls’ competing times were very close and their times kept improving all season. 

     In the beginning of the season, the team was scheduled for two invitationals. There was the Westhampton invitational and the Bohlinger Invite in West Babylon. Along the way, there were complications with applying, so the Westhampton Invitational never happened. Instead the schedule was changed and the team was signed up for the Deer Park Invite in place of that. 

     Although the Bohlinger invitational was very intense, it was the talk of the team for a week! The invite lasted around ten hours. Yes, that’s right, TEN HOURS! The throwers, shotput, and discus, had to leave early around three, due to the fact that their event started much earlier. The rest of the team arrived around 4:15. Throughout the event, race after race, people started leaving because it started getting very late and people were exhausted. Town after town, throughout the night, dropping like flies, food was provided. Outside the track there were two food trucks, a baked goods hut, a regular concession stand, and an ice cream truck. One food truck was a crepe truck that sold not only sweet crepes, but had savory crepes with chicken, cheese, spinach, ham, etc. The other food truck was selling ribs, barbecue, mac and cheese, etc. Towards around seven o’clock, the concession hut started selling pizza as well. The barbecue truck sold out incredibly fast, and around eight at night, they were completely sold out! The crepes held strong and the ice cream truck was booming the whole night. 

     Overall, it was a pretty good season. The friendships built on the team match no other. The workouts, hard training, and long runs really paid off in the end. The 4×1 and 4×4 team got accepted into the county champions race, which is an incredible achievement. As well as our top girl in the 100 hurdles, 400 hurdles, and triple jump. Lastly, the top two girls in the 800 and 1500 meters. The girls have worked so hard to get to counties and the girls who’s time got in earned every chance they got. Coach Gosline and Coach Cioffaletti were very happy with the improvement and dedication shown by the whole team throughout the season. It was a great year for the Lindenhurst varsity track and field. Wishing best of luck to our two seniors, Angie Sessa and Jill Eastby, in their next chapter at college!