The Sanderson Sisters are Back for more!


Imani McPhaul

 After 29 years the Sanderson Sisters have returned for more witchy spells and singing! 

Hocus Pocus 2 is arriving to Disney + on September 30th  2022. The official trailer for the film came out September 9th, directed by Anne Fletcher and produced by Lynn Harris. New faces throughout the trailer welcome in a new era for the movie. The trailer starts in the present day in the 21th century with new costumes designed for the witches. 

Starring:  Bette Midler as (Winifred Sanderson)  

 Sarah Jessica Parker as (Sarah Sanderson) 

 Kathy Najimy as (Mary Sanderson)

  Doug Jones as (Billy Butcherson)

 Hannah waddingham as (The Witch) 

 Froy Gutierrez as (Mike)   

 Lillia Buckingham as (Cassie Traske) 

 Whitney Peak as (Becca)

  Sam Richardson as (Gilbert) 

 Bellissa Escobedo as (Izzy) 

Many people adore the first movie, released in 1993, labeling it one of the classic Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus is a great movie to get into the spooky season, and to remind fans of wicked fun with the Sanderson sisters once again.  

Kids that grew up watching this movie will soon be watching it with their own children, which makes it more of a traditional Halloween to bring the family together every year.  

 The Sanderson Witches are back and ready for more broom flying, wicked creations, comedy, and more!.