Lindenhurst’s Suess-tastic Fall Musical!


Erin Holzwarth, Senior Staff Writer

Every year, Lindenhurst High School awaits the annual Winter Musical! Full of wonderful sets, talented voices and lots of charm, the school musical is a true staple. And this year is no different. The show’s director, Mr. Smalling, recently announced this years show: 

Seussical The Musical!!! 

The show was written by Lynn Ahrens (Anastasia, Once On This Island) and Stephen Flahetry (Once On This Island, Ragtime), who put together Suess’ childhood staple books. It originally went to Broadway in 2000, starring Kevin Chamberlin as Horton, who readers might know from the Disney Channel Show, Jessie (2011-2015). The show closed in early 2001, but was revived for both off-broadway and West End productions. Now, the show acts as a popular choice for school and regional theaters across the country. 

Based on the hit books by Dr. Suess, the play is full of whimsical set designs as well as visually stimulating musicals. It’s fun for the whole family! The show has a lot of laughs and is all around a great experience. The story is narrated by the Cat In The Hat and follows Horton– a nice elephant from a quaint forest– who hears voices from a little speck. Deciding he must protect the speck, he places it on a clover, and holds it close. This upsets the other animals, who believe that Horton has lost his mind. As the other animals of the forest plot to destroy the flower, the perspective shifts to Jojo and the Whos who live on the speck. Their world is in turmoil, and Horton must save their speck and their world. 

Filled with not only charm but a little bit of romance, Seussical The Musical is bound to be one of the most fun shows in Lindenhurst’s theater history. Not only is Mr. Tyler Smalling looking for new folks to audition, both freshman and upperclassmen, the Stage Crew is always accepting new members to help build and paint sets. If you’re interested in either of these things, attend some of the general meetings of the Thespian Club in the auditorium every Tuesday. Theater is for everyone, and there’s a place for everyone in this show, even if they’ve never been a part of a show here at Lindenhurst.