Should The British Monarchy Continue?


Natalie Padro, Staff Writer

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd passed. Since her death was confirmed by the royal family, the question everyone’s been asking is: should the British monarchy continue after the Queen’s death? Even though all her royal subjects are grieving her passing, many are questioning the continuation of a monarchy that has existed for more than nine centuries. 

Many Brits have been protesting and voicing their political views. People feel as if the British monarchy should be abolished, particularly people in the Caribbean islands who are already beginning to get rid of the once governing head of state.

Barbados recently left the monarchy; they are one of the first countries to do so within 3 decades. This wasn’t the first instance of a country leaving the commonwealth– other countries like Jamaica wanted to seek their independence out of the monarchy. 

As these Caribbean islands are seeking out independence, so are many Brits. A recent survey concluded that ages 18 through 24 show little to no support for the British monarchy. This has caused a divide between the elders and the youth due to the fact that people above the age of 65 have high support for the monarchy compared to 24-year-olds. People feel as if a generational divide is going to occur over the British monarchy. 

One example of this is the recent protest of the British monarchy, where signs read “Abolish monarchy”. This has caused outrage due to people being arrested for using their freedom of speech. Freedom of speech has become an issue in recent years since people believe the monarchy takes away people’s right to pick leaders who match their beliefs or ideals– a right we enjoy in America.

Even though there’s been much debate about the British monarchy, it will most likelynot be abolished anytime soon. Despite all the protest, the monarchy’s support only dropped from 75% to 60%. The younger generations will continue to protest and use their freedom of speech to speak out against the monarchy but for now, the monarchy will slowly be losing its respect in coming years especially due to the newly crowned king, prince Charles who has been most notable for his controversies.