Avatar: The Way of Water


Amelia Keniksman, Staff Writer

Practically everyone knows about Avatar, whether they watched it when it came out or later on in their childhood. The lush gardens and variety of exotic species present in the main planet present in Avatar, Pandora, bring many of us a sense of nostalgia.

What many big-time fans of this movie have been waiting for is a sequel, and it has finally come! After 13 years of not seeing anything from this franchise, Avatar: The Way of the Water is now planned to be released in December of this year. The cast of this movie has a few popular stars such as Vin Diesel and Kate Winslet, and keeps the main cast as similar as possible to the original hit.

Though the sequel to the 2009 hit will without a doubt be one of the best movies according to the box office, many don’t think that this movie will be that good compared to the original.

With the original Avatar’s runtime being at a remarkable 2 hours and 42 minutes, the producers of the sequel are making it over 3 hours, which seems a little excessive to most, even some people who have been long time fans of the franchise. Many people argue that with this long of a runtime, the movie may not make as much of an effort to be as good as the previous movie. Though many people don’t seem to be big supporters of the runtime, a lot of people are defending this, saying that the 13 year wait may be a cause for this pretty extreme runtime.

Another thing people are divided about is the way that director James Cameron shows the oceans on Pandora in this film. Many people argue that with the first movie using such advanced 3D visual effects that have never been used before, the director wouldn’t be able to make another hit like it. As the movie title suggests, the movie will probably mainly take place in the ocean, and Cameron chose the unusual decision to actually film these scenes in a body of water. This way of shooting even led to a world record being broken. Kate Winslet, who is an actress in the movie, ended up breaking the world record held by Tom Cruise for the longest time underwater at a staggering seven minutes!

Avatar: The Way of Water is coming out December 16th to theaters near you, and sequels are coming out in the near future, so get ready to see the wondrous world of Pandora back on the big screen!