Lindenhurst High School Blood Drive


Imani McPhaul, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School is having a Blood drive this November on the 18th. It will be taking place in the Library, time will be 8:15am-2:15pm, so come when you can!

If you want to participate in donating you’ll need to be 16 years old and have to see Mrs.Berry for permission slip. Parents require a signature and to bring your donor ID card or ID name and photo. Key Club is advising this Blood drive and also with the New York Blood Center to help the community.

Many Students 16 and older are allowed to donate their blood, this can really help many lives that are in need of it. Long Island is having a serious blood emergency since the pandemic in 2020. Donations have been down and hospitals have had a seven day supply on hand, they are down two or three day supply.

If there were to be a catastrophic event, there might not be enough blood to help everyone. This can cause fear for people’s lives including maybe even yours. Blood donations help a vast number of people, including those who need blood transfusions, as well as those who can benefit from donated platelets, like those with clotting problems, and cancer patients. By Donating you can help anyone and could possibly save someone’s life. Please consider coming down and getting involved!