What You Need to Know About Mental Health

What You Need to Know About Mental Health

Diya Dhawan and Anastasia Baez

What Is Mental Health and What you need to know

Mental health is dealing with emotional, psychological, and social well being. It affects the way you think, feel, and act. It can also help determine how you handle stress and make decisions. With this being said the main focus of this article is to prove to our audience that teenagers are facing a mental health crisis.

Mental health plays a big role in today’s society especially in the world of younger generations. Nowadays, teens are more under pressure. For example, overcoming the world wide pandemic-COVID-19, juggling between school and work, having responsibilities at home, etc. There are plenty of other commodities that are making teens stressed on a daily basis that adults may not be aware of.

Data from Survey

During a student survey we asked a few questions to our students. Below are the questions that were asked.

Which out of the following do you personally struggle from?
In your own opinion, what do you believe students/teenagers struggle with the most?
If you would like to state your personal experiences dealing with mental health, write below(NOT REQUIRED)

According to our survey, the data that we have collected from 25 students, more than 40% say anxiety is mostly affected by students, 20% say social anxiety, 16% state anxiety/panic attacks, 12% say depression, 4% say PTSD or other.
With this data we can see that a majority of the students believe that the most commonly affected mental health problem is anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by any activity that might trigger someone at any given time. For those of you who do not know what the proper definition of Anxiety is, it is an Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Some symptoms might be fast heart rate, and heavy breathing.

Moving forward we have decided to write about mental health because it is an important category to know about, especially in our school. As a student of Lindenhurst High School, I can personally state that I have seen students struggling with their mental health. Sometimes It could be a student that I am not friends with, but I will stop whatever I am doing just to make sure that that person needs someone to talk to or be comforted. Some of my friends are going through the same things that I may continue to go through everyday. So yeah I know what it feels like because I struggle everyday with multiple mental health issues. I am letting you all know my story because I don’t want any of you to feel as if you are fighting alone because you are not. In my opinion it is up to us teenagers and students to be there for one another instead of opposing each other. It is up to us to figure out a few ways to help each other when someone is dealing with a mental health problem.

Tips and recommended ways to help deal with a mental health issue

Below are a list of warning signs that you might find helpful if you believe to be struggling with a mental health issue.

Warning Signs:
Not eating enough or not getting enough sleep
Distancing yourself from people and not doing your daily activities
Feeling low not having the strength to do another
Not feeling anything or not caring anymore
Having random pains and aches
Doing drugs such as drinking, smoking a lot more
Feeling agitated
Having fights with family members and friends
Lots of mood swings
Not having the ability to do daily activities such as work, school work

Tips to have a positive mind set:
Letting your self connect with friends and family or someone else
Giving yourself daily self-positive talk
Doing physical activities
Being a helpful hand
Having a sleeping schedule so you can get enough sleep
Finding a coping skill