A Trip To Kimberly Akimbo


Diavona King, Staff Writer

On November 30, 2022, Lindenhurst High School Students involved in the arts went on an all day field trip to Broadway’s newest musical, Kimberly Akimbo. Though the morning was plagued with rain and wind, the trip was also filled with excitement to spend the day in “the city that never sleeps”.

Students of Lindenhurst High School had a wonderful time in New York City. The train left for the city at 9:41 A.M from the Lindenhurst Train Station. Everyone was feeling excited to get to New York City and have the fun begin!

The students traveled out of Pennsylvania Station to go to the Hard Rock Cafe with their coats on and umbrellas in hand. The food was wonderful, and students had multiple options to choose from. Before everyone left the restaurant, staff, chaperones, and students took a giant group photo and then headed to the musical.

Kimberly Akimbo is a play about a soon to be sixteen year old girl named Kim. Kim is played by Tony award winner Victoria Clark. Kimberly has an aging disease making her appear as a 72-year old woman. This disease unfortunately has an average life expectancy of 16 years. Despite having this disease, Kim is a very kind girl to all, and her positivity is radiating. She has hope and many goals she would love to accomplish in her short amount of time she has left to live.

With an alcoholic father, a criminal aunt, a negligent pregnant mother, and not many friends, life recently in high school hasn’t been easy for Kimberly. Kimberly Akimbo is a play all about discovery, taking risks, love, trust, and coming-of-age.

The play often spoke about how you only have one life to live, and to make the most of it. A line in a song that was stuck with viewers was “you never get a second time around”. Though the play had its sad points, many funny and happy moments were also included.

Kimberly Akimbo was an incredible and inspiring play that all should view. With the amazing props, storyline, and actors, this new musical is one you will never forget. Once the musical was over, those on the trip began to feel sad at the fact the enjoyable day was almost at its end. At 5:36 P.M. students boarded the train to make their way back home. They all made it home safely at 6:40 P.M. and most were exhausted from all of the memorable moments they had made that day.

Despite the rain and heavy winds, the views were beautiful when the sky darkened and the city lit up with its bright lights. The next day at school, students were constantly talking about the entertaining day they had during the field trip. Thank you to Lindenhurst High School for making this trip possible and giving us the opportunity to see the amazing Kimberly Akimbo play.