Galicia: A Must Visit Location


Penelope Leston, Staff Writer

Spain is one of the biggest tourist-visiting countries, having millions of people coming each year. The biggest hotspot is Madrid, its capital city, which holds many museums and cathedrals that are big with tourists. However, if you wish to travel to an area with gorgeous beaches and a more country-feel instead of urban, Galicia is for you.

Galicia is in the northwestern part of Spain, most known for its forests and large mountain ranges. Summer is the most beautiful time of the year there, where it has high 80 temperatures and low humidity. You can travel in winter, but it has typical snowfall and reaches very low temperatures.

The food in Galicia is amazing. If you stay in a small town, it is not uncommon to see many family-owned businesses. Typically in Spain, there is at least one bakery in each town labeled “Pastelería”, which means pastry shop. If you are visiting, definitely go to a local bakery. Lunch and dinner restaurants are scattered throughout each town, as well as bars. The restaurants typically close in the late evening, but be aware of midday “siesta” where multiple stores close down for a few hours.

Beaches in Galicia are a must if you are staying on the coast. The beaches are large with pure yellow sand and clear water. Depending on the beach, these characteristics may vary. During summer, almost everyone in coastal areas go down to the beach and stay for hours. There are also food joints and ice cream parlors set up on multiple beaches, so be sure to grab something.

In the more urbanized areas, museums, libraries, clothing stores, and parks are quick to spot. Galician cities are like your average city, but they are still great to go into just to experience. Another area to visit are any of the multiple lighthouses that are located near the coast. The Tower of Hercules (Torre de Hercules) which is located in A Coruña, is a great spot vacationers should definetly check out. If you wish to go all the way to the top, be warned there are a lot of stairs and no elevator.

Galicia is such a gorgeous place in Spain. If you are ever unsure of where to go for your next vacation, go to Galicia!