The End of a Local Business: The Wishing Crystal


Penelope Leston, Staff Writer

Wellwood Avenue was home to the single business, The Wishing Crystal. The operation was run by Michele Accardi, who still posts on the Wishing Crystal’s facebook and various other social media sites.

At the shop, they were known to sell essential oils, tarot card decks, and of course, crystals! The crystals came in a wide variety of colors and shapes; including jewelry, pillars, tumbled, and natural stones. They also did in store tarot card readings and customers have said their experiences were “extremely thorough”.

it was no surprise to the amount of positive reviews The Wishing Crystal received. The shop held a peaceful environment, with sweet staff members. Employees were always willing to teach new customers all about their crystals and they radiated “calm energies”. More reviews stated that The Wishing Crystal had a wide variety of crystals and oils, as well as being offered hors d’oeuvres and wine when staying.

It is unclear why the shop had closed, but fortunately, they don’t plan on closing entirely! The shop still offers classes and group get-togethers including meditating, sound therapy, palm readings, and more! Whenever an event is posted on either their Instagram (@the_wishing_crystal) or Facebook (“The Wishing Crystal Group” or “Michele-The Wishing Crystal”), it is recommended to show up if you’re interested.