The Scary Future of AI

The Scary Future of AI

Casey Phillips, Staff Writer

Recently there have been numerous developments in the fields of artificial intelligence. This is causing people to be frightened regarding future implications. People have been discussing whether or not art made by AI is theft, if using AI to make anyone say whatever you want is ethical, and what laws should be made around AI.
A significant amount of discussion around AI spawned when a program called Dall-E Mini was made available to the public. It took a prompt you wrote and turned it into a new image that had never been seen before. This was originally used by most people to make weird images for fun.

This quickly became less fun when the AI improved. Originally these images weren’t perfect and had a distinctly “AI feel” to them. But now that it has improved, it can be hard to tell whether or not the images are real. This has led people to take these images and pass them off as their hard work.

People have also debated whether or not this is art theft. Since the AI takes art from other places and uses it to make new art without the original artist’s permission, it can be argued that the original art is being stolen. While artists usually source other images for inspiration and even use them as references, this requires an amount of respect for the original art piece that an AI can’t have.

But images are not the only things that AI can replicate. They can also replicate speech. You can make almost any famous person say anything you want. This was, like AI images, originally used for fun such as making videos of United States presidents playing Minecraft. However people realized that this can easily be used to hurt people by making people say hurtful things that they didn’t actually say.

Artificial Intelligence has been treated as the good future until now, where many people are trying to find solutions to these problems. Many people believe that AI can be used for good, such as having an AI generated voice read text to help blind people, or having AI generated art give inspiration for human made art. This means that the solutions that people are looking for usually keep them around, just not as replacement for human talent