How Do You Pronounce Your Words?

How Do You Pronounce Your Words?

Today, the English language has over 600,000 words defined in the Oxford dictionary. Yet, many of these words are pronounced in different ways. It has caused arguments about what is the right way to enunciate a said word. 

The English language has many words that are taken, borrowed  or just have roots from other languages like Latin, French, Greek, and many more. The reason why words are being said so differently is because the English writing has different silent letters, putting a spin to it, as well as just adding an accent to it. 

English writing has many different silent letters when writing words, but when speaking we don’t “emphasize” the letters. Many of these words are island, colonel, ally, and even gnome. The way we speak doesn’t correlate with the way we spell it. Almost every language that has borrowed a word has put their own spin to the word. When putting a spin to the word it’s making it “our” own in terms.

The main difference or reason would be the accent. Everyone has their own accent or similar depending on the area they live in. Whether we live in a different part of the world, or specifically in America you live in the south, mid-west, or northern. You’ll have a different accent from other parts of the country, or world. Each accent will add their spin in either adding something or taking a letter(s) when pronouncing. Many of the words we use in our everyday language or just to better our vocabulary. 

The words that are most argumentative when saying them are crayon, coffee, pecan, data, route, apricot, aunt, and many more. People either say kray-on or krayn or pee-can peh-cahn. Starting as said, an argument to get people riled up. So how do you pronounce these words?