James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn’s DCU

Alex DeGeorge, Staff Writer

After Zack Snyder’s grim take on the DC pantheon, a competent director has now been crowned the president of DC Studios   After AT&T’s acquisition of Warner Brothers, new creative control has been brought on.  In the previous era of WB, DC was a horribly rushed and subpar cinematic “Universe”. Now that James Gunn is at the helm, it is all going to change

You may know Gunn from the Guardians of The Galaxy trilogy, The Suicide Squad (Not the terrible one from 2016), and Slither. He is a gigantic comic book fan and is ready to give the fans what they want. 

He recently announced that there will be a total reboot of DC. Part One of this new universe (Titled Gods and Monsters) has had a few projects announced for it. 

On the big screen we will be getting “Superman: Legacy”, “Batman: The Brave and The Bold”, “The Authority”, “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow”, and “Swamp Thing” 

On the TV side of things we will be getting “Creature Commandos”, “Waller”, “Lanterns”, “Paradise Lost”, and “Booster Gold”

While the new DCU continues, Gunn will support the out of continuity projects (Like Matt Reeves’ The Batman Sequels)

As a huge Dc fan, I am very excited to see Gunn’s new universe. We are about to experience a new era of unique and exciting film/tv