Lindenhurst Triathlon


Christian Campay, Staff Writer

On April 27th, 2023 the 15th annual Lindenhurst triathlon was held at the high school. The triathlon participants were made up of students who took College Adelphi Gym at the high school. 

It consisted of  a quarter mile swim, a five mile bike ride, and two mile run. It tested swimming skills as well as stamina and endurance. 

The students’ times in the pool were tested prior to the event to see which order they would go into the pool to start the event. 

The person who started first in the pool had a strong lead. He was lapping multiple people on the bike portion of the contest. 

He had a three minute head start in front of the person in second place when they got up to the running portion of the contest. But the person in second was committed to coming in first place.

He made up ground little by little throughout the two miles and then the person in the lead started to walk after being so tired. The person in second took advantage of this and in the last seconds passed the person in first place to win the triathlon. 

The most challenging part of the triathlon was the biking portion. Most contestants were very tired after it. Then came the running part of it which was very hard for the contests. Even if a student had great momentum, most of them had to walk for durations of time during the running section.

Overall the triathlon is a fun competition that brings students closer together while also challenging them mentally and physically.