Why YouTube Shorts Are Poorly Received


Casey Phillips, Staff Writer

Tik Tok is the most downloaded app, even more than YouTube. This success has led to other platforms trying to imitate it. YouTube has added YouTube Shorts and people’s reception to shorts are overly negative.

YouTube Shorts have been criticized for being unnecessary. If you want short content like Tik Tok, you would probably go to Tik Tok instead of YouTube. One of the main things people watch as Shorts are just Tik Toks, either from the original creator or stolen. Causing Shorts to have less purpose for these people than before.

In fact, YouTube Shorts are full of stolen content. Most shorts on the site are memes or other videos that were stolen from the original source. This is an issue that Tik Tok has as well, but it is significantly more invasive on YouTube Shorts. Users of YouTube really care about content originality, so this upsets these people.

Another issue is the terrible Shorts algorithm. Long YouTube is also controlled by an algorithm to give content that will suit you best. But YouTube Shorts just don’t do this as well. If you watch only video game videos on YouTube’s long videos, you will mostly get video game videos recommended to you. But for Shorts, you tend to get very little of the content you were looking for, getting a lot of content you are not interested in.

Considering how much shorts are being pushed by YouTube and how few people are using it, it is no surprise that, in addition to stolen content, scams are invasive in shorts. You can of course report the short that are usually just asking you to click a suspicious link, but even so, they are everywhere. YouTube is trying to fix this, but it still has led to criticism for being this invasive at the feature’s launch.

Shorts being pushed this much has also led to people using the system to appear suddenly and get millions of subscribers really quickly. If they are successful that is fine, but people have criticized the feature for being this vital for success.

YouTube Shorts are a good idea in concept, but doesn’t work because it is clearly trying to be a Tik Tok clone, and is inferior in every way. If you want short videos, download Tik Tok. If you want longer videos, download YouTube. They are the best ways to watch this content if they are appealing to you.