Next Flix on Netflix

What to Watch on Netflix


Thomas vine, Staff writer

Stranger Things has only just launched and but if you are like most viewers, you have probably already finished it and now you probably trying to figure out what you could watch next. If you want something else to binge you have GLOW which is by the same people who did Orange is the New Black but it’s about Women’s Wrestling.  There’s also Castlevania if you want something with a bit more action and a bit more gore, and who does not like a little gore?  However, if you’re willing to wait, on November 17th there is the release of the highly anticipated, Marvel’s The Punisher.   This is the story of a one man army avenging the death of his family.   If you want something that will take you at least a week to finish try Archer, Futurama, or The West Wing. These shows are dramatic, yet just as long. If you want a mockumentary than try American Vandal.  It’s just hilarious!  It’s is about a kid who thinks of spray painting the teachers cars in a school and it’s shot like a hard documentary similar to the show, Making a Murderer.  Now that’s a show which you should watch if you have not sone so already.

Let’s say that you don’t want to watch TV, but instead you want a quick one and done movie.  On the comedy front you have you have Men in Black, which is a comedy about a government organization that protects and hides the world from aliens. You might try Goon, a story of a hockey enforcer whose whole goal is to beat the living hell out of people. However, if you are looking for something on the more dramatic side you have Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams, and you have Schindler’s List the story of a man who saved hundreds of jews from the holocaust.   If action is your thing, then go watch Inglourious Bastards, a Quentin Tarantino World War II movie. If you want something more cartoonish, try Hot Fuzz which is by the same man (Edgar Wright) who did Baby Driver. Like Baby Driver, it is both funny and action packed.  It’s the tale of a London cop transferred to a small town where he finds out things are not what they seem.  However, the best movie on Netflix hands down has to be Sing Street. It’s just a blast. No summary for fear of spoilers; the fact is just go watch it.

In case you want to get a little kid to leave you alone than throw on Trolls or if they have already seen that look up The BFG, no one actually saw that based on the box office.  But if there is one show to be highly recommended, it would be Big Mouth. It is one of the funniest shows about kids going through puberty and it is pure comedic gold. When it comes to Netflix there are thousands of shows and movies to choose from so it maybe hard to pick. Happy binging!