JFK Conspiracy Brought to Light by Trump


Edward Curry, Staff Writer

In late October, political consultant Roger Stone made a phone call with President Donald Trump regarding certain issues in the United States. The call ended with Mr. Stone urging President Trump to release the long awaited JFK assassination files. On Saturday, October 21, Trump surprised many by announcing over Twitter that he will release the 3,100 documents that the CIA and FBI have compiled over the years, regarding the assassination. Conspiracy theorists are foaming from the mouth and jumping up and down because of the long awaited release and countless other theories made by others. Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones who has direct contact and affiliation with Roger Stone is pleased with the long awaited news of finally solving the mysterious assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

Numerous theories have been released before about the event. Some knowledge of what we already know is that Lee Harvey Oswald, the perpetrator behind the assassination, tried to gain Soviet citizenship and rejected the ways of the “capitalist west”. Oswald was a firm believer of Communism, a state ideology in the Soviet Union and a direct threat during the Cold War. Some people believe that Oswald assassinated Kennedy because of the tensions between Cuba and the Soviet Union. Other theories include that JFK was one of the last “true presidents” and was assassinated by the New World Order, a term used to describe the political elite and bankers. It was said that JFK was a firm believer of disbanding the Federal Reserve, ending the war in Vietnam and returning prosperity back to the United States. All these reasons and more are some of the many theories that conspirators have thought about.

Finally, on October 26, the 2,891 files from the JFK investigation were released to the public by President Trump. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went live on YouTube, revealing some of the information that was in the documents. One of the most surprising documents revealed that JFK was not only shot in the back of the head by Lee Harvey Oswald, but there were shots fired from the Grassy Knoll and a shot through the windshield of Kennedy’s motorcade. This information was known and documented by the Surgeon General of the United States at the time, Luther Terry. Other information that was included was that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote in a memo that the government should issue something “so we can convince the public” that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy.

There is much other evidence that has still not been released yet. Donald Trump has stated that he will not release all the 3,100 documents until five months from October 26. That means that the full release of the files should be released on March 26, 2018. Whatever else is contained in the files is very concerning and opens the door to investigating the terrible incident that occurred on November 22, 1963.