March for Our Lives is Trying to Save Lives One at a Time

Nicole Cardino, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 26th, 2018, people attended a march that could have very well changed history. This protest was called ¨March for Our Lives¨ and people from all around the country tried to contribute to a cause that has been troubling our country for decades: gun control. Over the past couple of years, so many shootings have occurred from Sandy Hook to the Pulse nightclub to the Las Vegas shooting; however the one that really sparked this all was the most recent shooting at the Parkland High School in Florida. All around the globe, human beings who believe their voice should be heard on an issue that they feel is important to the future of humanity are fighting by simply saying, “Enough is enough!”

About 1.2 million people protested in the march this weekend. About a third of this number was from Washington, D.C., which had about 440,000 people, fighting for the nation. All though this was the largest, researchers estimate that there were about 450 sites of protest in America alone and countless others all over the world. 1.2 million is a lot of people; however even more people support the cause nationwide and have been signing petitions to try and contribute to this.

An LHS student, Mae Vine, has expressed clearly her opinion about this topic. “Because the adults aren’t doing anything about it, the kids need to do it. So that’s what we are doing. It’s our time, it’s our turn and we demand change.”

One of the most empowering of the people attending the march was Emma Gonzalez, a senior who attends the Parkland High School where the recent school shooting that killed 17 people. She went to school with the victims and said personal things about these students. She kept repeating the phrase “they will never.” That really affected a lot of people because it really solidified the fact that these people are gone. After these two minutes of her speaking, she continued to stay silent for about four minutes and 20 seconds because that’s how long it took for 17 lives to be taken from this Earth. “Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job” were he last words before walking off stage after giving a speech that will be seen in textbooks in the years to come.

The people who wanted their voices to be heard clearly got their point across. These powerful men and women are working towards change and are trying every peaceful way possible to do this. Remember, every big change in American history started with a protest and some hard work.