Class of 2018: Greatest Opportunity for Jobs?


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Edward Curry, Editor

The class of 2018 will soon be graduating from high schools and colleges across the world. According to, the graduating class of 2018 is expected to have the greatest opportunity for jobs than any other graduating class ever. Kaytie Zimmerman, a Forbes Contributor wrote an article explaining this miraculous feat. A survey conducted by LaSalle Network, a job recruiting firm, has shown that 86% of the the survey respondents have not accepted their first job outside of college as of March 20. No fear, if this applies to you, whether your in college or not, you’re the majority. The unemployment rate has been at its lowest ever since 2000. The reason for this is because new jobs are being added by employers every day. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of job growth of the next coming decade is likely to surpass that of this current decade.

We live in a world where technology is slowly starting to become even more apart of our daily lives. Social media, networking, and online internships are becoming more relevant in the next generation and are contributing to the rise of job opportunities for graduates. According to the CEO and founder of LaSalle Network, Tom Gimbel has said, “Social media is a good resource to gain additional information on the company, the employees, the culture and really understand the makeup of the company.” Social media is being used in this current generation as a means to find a job which has proven to be substantial in many business and industries that graduating students may want to get into. According to LaSalle Network, 68% of this year’s graduates have been using social media to find a job compared to 57% of new graduates last year.

In 2018, students who strive for success try to get jobs such as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, and scientists. With a high demand for these jobs in such an advanced century that we currently live in, no wonder there is a job increase in the graduating classes. What we can say is that hard working students are striving for the best and will turn the tide of job performance and education in the future. We hope that this graduating class will help change the world for the better and help inspire future generations to push for success and try your very best!