LVF takes on a whole new division

David Bloom, Freelance Writer

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The season is finally upon us here at Lindenhurst high school. Where the crowd shuffles in for the Friday night lights at the middle school. Lindenhurst football, probably the biggest season in sports for the Bulldogs in full swing. As most know, last season the team made headlines in the paper after becoming the first football team in Lindenhurst history to not only win the Long Island Championship, but also record the very first undefeated season. However, this year the team is thrown an obstacle where they face off almost an entirely new schedule as they move down to division two. Although the team does play the Northport Tigers again this season, the competition is totally new.

To start off the season the team was put to the test when they faced off against the Huntington Blue Devils. The team was well prepared under the guidance of head coach Lombardo and assisting coaches, R. Frole, M. Frole and D. Sinicropi. The game was a brutal 48 minutes with the Bulldogs coming out on top 25-0 making themselves a presence in Division 2. Although the team competed well and played their hearts out, they were unable to overcome their next obstacle in a common shared goal throughout all football teams across the island when they were head to head with the Northport Tigers. The game was intense leaving the Bulldogs behind in the first half 14-0. This did not stop the team though, after coming back out after halftime, the team came out powerful but it just was not enough leaving the final score 14-16 Northport. After the tough loss the team got their priorities in check and went out to Seldon on a mission to beat the Newfield Wolverines on their homecoming date. The game was intense, each team sending shots against each other and left the decision of the game to who wanted it more. The outcome, Lindenhurst 33-28 making the journey out to Seldon worthwhile.

Next up, the most awaited game of the season: Bulldog versus Bulldog, Lindenhurst versus North Babylon, Green versus White. As head coach Lombardo states “A battle in the trenches to see which Bulldog is tougher.” Come see the battle of the season September 29th at North Babylon and show your support to the Lindenhurst Varsity football team.