Key Club challenges you to the #TeamNicoleChallenge

#TeamNicoleChallenge #lindykeyclub1

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Mr. Seaman and wife, Nicole Seaman, with their baby, Michael, born on April 25, 2018.

Robert Hager, Freelance Writer

Mr. Seaman’s wife, Nicole Seaman was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in the beginning of June. She is currently undergoing treatment. During this time, she is facing the fight of her life and needs people to be on her team. Thanks to Key Club and the people of Lindy, her team is growing with supporters. Key Club has recently sponsored a challenge to help raise money for the new family.

This new challenge sponsored by Key Club is called the Team Nicole Challenge. The advisor of Key Club, Ms. Berry, explained how she and the board members collaborated to come up with a fun and innovative way to get people to donate. The Team Nicole Challenge is where someone challenges a friend to do ten pushups and if they do them, the person who challenged them has to donate five dollars. If they are not able to do the pushups, then they have to donate five dollars. If you or someone else does the challenge, record it and upload the video to twitter using the two hashtags: #TeamNicoleChallenge and #lindykeyclub1.  Participants should also tag key club (@lindykeyclub1). On their twitter, they will retweet everyone who has done the Team Nicole Challenge. So far, a lot of people have done the challenge. Donations range from students and teachers in the high school to just regular people of Lindy.  It’s just one way for everyone to show that they are with Nicole and her fight to beat breast cancer. “People are more willing to donate money than do pushups,” Ms. Berry joked. “We’ve collected over five hundred dollars and have been able to upload ten videos to our twitter account, but we are hoping to upload even more.”

You can donate by going to any of the English teacher’s rooms and when donating, you will receive a Team Nicole bracelet to show that you are part of the team. The donations will go half to the Seaman family and half to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thank you to all participants of the challenge and to everyone who donated. Journalism challenges you to do the #TeamNicoleChallenge!

Key Club also is part of many other events at the Lindenhurst High School. Some of the projects and events done by Key Club are the Blood Drives that take place every year, the board volunteers at the Good Samaritan Hospital, working with the Thirst Project, making sandwiches for Mercy Soup Kitchen. Key Club is also holding a Lip Sync Challenge that will take place on Friday, November 2. When speaking to a new member of Key Club,  Julia Orzechowska, said that “Key Club has reinforced how important it is to help people in need.”

It’s beneficial on every level to help someone in need.”

— Ms. Berry

When reflecting back on this challenge and the many other things the community has done in the last couple of years, like when the community came together to help people affected and devastated by Hurricane Sandy for example, it really shows how lindy can come together in the most devastating situations. “Lindenhurst is full of very generous people that support each other through everything” Ms. Berry explained. This thought is so warming and exciting to see, making being part of the Lindy family is a truly amazing thing.