Trick or Treat on Charles Street 2018

Patrycja Chrzanowska, Editor in Chief

Lindenhurst High School’s annual Trick or Treat on Charles Street took place on Friday, October 26, and it did not disappoint. Year after year, the LHS classes and clubs manage to amaze everyone with their incredible decorations and entertaining activities. This year was no exception. The kids who attended the event were surely pleased, especially by the candy. The night was full of fun activities and treats. Peer leadership even held a bake sale by the gym, robotics club built three robots for the event, drama club was doing Halloween skits in room 158, and Ski Club held a haunted house which was much scarier this year.

Trick or Treat on Charles Street is run by Student Council. Ms. Scharf, the current student council advisor has been running the event for about 24 years. She reveals that, to her, the most enjoyable part of running this event is “making all the kids, all the elementary students, happy, seeing them going around the school, and seeing our students getting involved in helping the little ones in the community.”

At the end of the night, the winners of the decorating contests were announced. For classes, the Freshmen won first place with their Field of Screams theme – a victory that, although deserved, was quite unexpected. In second place were the seniors who decorated the rotunda based on Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The Juniors came in third place with their “Coco” themed hallway and Sophomores came in last place with their Disney Halloween theme. Although they lost, the Junior class did have a cool blow up decoration outside their room and the Sophomores had lots of fun games for the kids.

Many LHS clubs chose to participate in the event by decorating a hallway or classroom and handing out candy. The club who came in first place was, unsurprisingly, the National Art Honors Society who decorated their hallway to look like Frankenstein’s lab. The Italian club came in second place with a Dante’s Inferno theme and in third place was the National Honors Society who decorated their hallway to look like Luigi’s Mansion.

The school was quite a sight and hopefully next year’s Safe Halloween lives up to this year’s.