Bird Box: Movie Review

Aria Castronuova, Editor

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Bird Box, the Netflix movie based off the novel by Josh Malerman of the same name, has become a cultural phenomenon since its release in early December. The film stars Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a woman determined to protect her children in an apocalyptic world where an unknown force is causing mass suicide. Little is known about where the entity came from, but they do know one thing for certain: if you see them, you die.

From the plot description, this may sound like pure science-fiction or a typical scary movie. But Bird Box proves to be so much more. There is a deeper level to the movie than just thrills and horror; the core of the film is rooted in main character Malorie’s personal growth and the bonding she experiences with others throughout the film, mainly the two children.

If you’ve seen pictures and videos of people in blindfolds, this is likely because of a challenge inspired by the movie. The Bird Box challenge has fans attempting to do daily activities with blindfolds, as if they were in the movie. Some people have taken this to an extreme, doing dangerous stunts without looking, and Netflix issued a statement warning against participating in the challenge. All in all, there is no doubt that Bird Box received amazing hype, and it is well-deserved. The film is not only entertaining, but genuinely scary and suspenseful, while masterfully integrating sincere moments.