Powderpuff 2019: Seniors Take First in Their Final Competition

Sophomores getting prepared for the Dodgeball and Powderpuff events on March, 1st

On Friday night, Lindenhurst High School held their annual Powder Puff competition between all of the grades. The Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in Class Council competed in two competitions, Girls Dodgeball and boys “powderpuff.” Each year, the girls compete in a dodgeball tournament and the boys create a synchronized dance routine. With a packed gymnasium filled with students and teachers, Powderpuff 2019 was a great night.

The first event of the evening was the dodgeball tournament. Each class had a team made up of around ten girls, with seven competing at a time. The rules were simple: if you get hit, you’re out, and if you catch an opponent’s throw, they are out and you can bring a teammate back in. To start the tournament, every team played each other once. Afterwards, the real tournament began, with the second seed Juniors playing the third seed Sophomores, and the first seed Seniors playing the fourth seed Freshman. The Juniors easily beat the Sophomores and moved on to the Finals. Next, the Seniors vs. the Freshman, and it was clear from the beginning that the Seniors would win, setting up the Junior vs. Senior finals. In the consolation bracket, the Sophomores squared off against the Freshman for the second time, with the Sophomores winning again and claiming third place in the event. Lastly, in the highly anticipated finals, the Juniors took an early lead on the Seniors, having a 5 to 3 advantage. After catching two throws, the Seniors stormed back and took a big lead to secure a win in their final dodgeball tournament.

The final event of the night was the powderpuff dance routine. Starting in December, the boys worked for months making the best and most original dance routines possible. Each dance was five minutes long, but some of them went over this time limit. All of these routines were judged by Dr. Grant and the administrators at the event. The final standings were announced Monday morning on the announcements.

Going by grade, the Freshman started the show. The Freshman blew everyone away with their rookie dance. The Freshman mixed up a lot of popular songs that really seemed to grab the attention the judges. Mr. Rossillo thought that their stomp wasn’t very impressive, but they still placed very high. The Sophomores were next. They started off in a line, all throwing their backpacks and pulling out their ID lanyards. One of them then ran around pretending to be an administrator, and started making sure everyone had their ID cards. This probably didn’t sit well with the judges just because of the fact they took fourth place. They also tried to throw someone into the air, but that almost ended badly. The Juniors took center stage next. They had the smallest group of dancers out of the whole competition. They started off with a tribute to late rapper xxxtentacion. With a slow motion type of dance that looked really cool, they did their thing and finished third. That is nothing to be ashamed of for a small group. The seniors had the final performance, and had the best one. They had a classroom theme and had desks and a white board. They went through what the most popular song was for each grade they were in, which caused a lot of nostalgia for people watching. Overall, the Seniors’ powderpuff experience and knowledge showed in their last performance and it helped them take home first place.

On Monday Morning, the highly anticipated standings were released. In last place, the Sophomores, who had a creative performance, but lacked cohesiveness between their songs and dances. In third, the Juniors, who had a great dance routine, one that many think should have been ranked higher. To the surprise of many, the Freshman came in second, but it was well deserved. They put on a great dance to start the night. Lastly, the Seniors came in first place. They had the most memorable dance of the night, incorporating their previous dances into their final performance.

Regardless of where each grade ended up being placed in the powderpuff competition, Guidance Counselor John Rossillo stressed the fact that each and every group spent months working on these dances, and should be praised for their efforts in this competition. He felt “the most thing in the powderpuff competition is the way everyone comes together and the overwhelming amount of support they receive.” All in all, Powderpuff 2019 was a success.