Avengers: Endgame Review

Nick Rippo, Staff Writer

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Avengers: Endgame came out recently, it was a huge cultural event to an almost unprecedented degree. So expectations were high, however while reactions were overwhelmingly positive There was an underlying tone that Endgame will not be remembered quite as fondly as its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War. Many have made a comparison to Star Wars. With Infinity War being the Empire Strikes Back of the new generation, and Endgame being comparable to The Return of the Jedi. There are many reasons why while being a great movie overall, Endgame just doesn’t hold up when compared to the previous title.

Many will leave the theater with the amazing action packed final hour of the movie in mind, but upon subsequent rewatches, find the first two hours to be a bore and a slog to sit through. The first time anything really exciting happens at all you must wait an hour and a half. A lot of the movie felt like filler, as if it was just added to increase the perceived grandiosity of the film without much meaning in mind. A significant amount of this was just fan service, low effort self referential additions that add little to nothing to the story. There are also a plethora of inconsistencies and plot holes due to the time travel aspect of the plot, although this is to be expected in almost any film involving time travel.

On a more positive note, the production design was amazing, the presentation was great and the special effects were unbelievably well done. While not always done perfectly, the scale of this movie is truly impressive and gives optimism for the future of film from a production aspect. The acting was also mostly good and the dialogue was too, except for the comedy, which always seemed to be dry and cringeworthy, some aspects of it very much dating the film. Overall Avengers Endgame deserves a 7/10.