2019 Field Hockey Senior Night

Courtesy of G. Valela
The seniors before heading off to their last game!

Gianna Valela, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 17th, the Girls Lindenhurst Varsity Field Hockey team celebrated their Senior Night with a win against Patchogue-Medford.  The score was 0-0 after both halves were played, so an additional 10 minutes were added to the clock. Seven players from each team were chosen to play in the 10 minute overtime, but when neither team scored in the additional 10 minute period, the coaches of each team collectively decided that a shootout would bring an end to this extremely intense game; the final score: 2-1.  Lindenhurst had won the game – a feeling these girls will never forget. The goals were scored by sophomore Nicoletta Longhitano and freshman Kristi Santos. Senior goalie Kathleen Mackey made incredible saves both during the game and during the shootout. The crowd went wild. The girls all hugged each other as the tears of both excitement and sadness streamed down their faces, excited because they had won the last game of their season, yet also sad because it was the last game of their season.  

Every player greatly contributed to this win.  It was a great way to end off the season and to honor the 12 seniors who had officially played their last ever field hockey game as a Bulldog.  The 12 seniors will definitely miss playing field hockey. They can all agree that this sport has made such a huge impact in their lives. The friendships that they have built with one another over the years are bonds that are unbreakable  The life lessons that they learned over the years will remain with them forever.  

Congratulations to the following 12 field hockey alumni who will be graduating in June!  Best of luck to you all in the future!

Goalie #30 Kathleen Mackey

Goalie #12 Danielle Brodman

Defense #25 Angelika Ciemniewska (Captain)

Defense #20 April Hilly (Captain)

Defense #22 Gabriella Krasnodebski

Defense #17 Alexandra Proscio

Defense #10 Christie Snyder

Midfield #18 Alexandra Puzdrowska

Midfield #16 Mia Pashun

Offense #24 Jeana Fiorillo

Offense #15 Gianna Valela

Offense #3 Victoria Frangella