Homecoming 2019

Class of 2022

Weronika Gobiecki, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2019 was astonishing! It took place on Saturday, October 19th. The whole town and Lindenhurst School District came to show off their school spirit!

The tradition of Homecoming started during the 19th century. It started off as just football games that were held at college and universities. Homecoming now has a parade and a theme for each year. This year’s theme was Disney. For Spirit Week students dressed up as, Tacky Tourists, Superheroes V.S. Villains, Bikers V.S. Surfers and, since Friday was Pep Rally, the school showed off their Lindy pride!

The annual Pep Rally takes place at the Lindenhurst Middle School every year. Pep Rally usually occurs right before the Homecoming game. All the sports get recognized especially the football team. Pep Rally is a fun night for everyone to go to enjoy and be loud. The following day is the parade and Homecoming game! Everyone involved in the parade and float making, all met together at Fireman’s Memorial Park to do any last minute touches. The parade began at 1:30 p.m. Everyone did a great job with the creation and decoration of the floats. In fourth came the Freshman, in third came the Juniors, in second came the Seniors, and Sophomores took first place. Students did an amazing job and it was a great afternoon for everyone to enjoy! When asked the Sophomore class adviser Ms. Braider she said, “All the kids worked really hard and they got very excited that they won and everything came together.”

The Homecoming game took place at the Lindenhurst Middle School at 3:30 p.m. Everyone was very anxious to see how Varsity would play. The team that Lindenhurst versed was West Islip. The football team came out ready to play and everyone was doing amazing. The game was great to watch and it was yet another phenomenal Homecoming game for the Bulldogs by a score of 21-17, winning the Homecoming game.

Homecoming is a great tradition to celebrate, and each year it gets better and better, Homecoming 2019 was equally as amazing.