Lindy Cares Club Youth Summit


Courtesy of M. Scharf

Sandra Obrycki, Freelance Writer

The students of the Lindy Cares Club were invited to go on a Youth Summit to Chateau La Mer. This trip allows kids to participate in group activities to help their confidence grow and to strengthen their leadership skills. At 7:00 am all of the students rode the bus to the location where they would be introduced to their day of activities. This Summit is to help students get out of their comfort zone and to join in on partner/group work. The  aim of Lindy cares is to help alleviate the drug and alcohol problem within our community. The main goal of Lindy Cares is to make our society better with different projects.

During the Summit you were put into groups. There were four groups, students got a name tag with a different type of animal on it and that determined which group you would be in. One of the activities were the students were divided into rows and each row got a random word which they had to make up a definition and speak in front of the other rows without interruptions for a minute and every time you stutter the rest of the rows clap. At the end, whichever row got the least claps win. This activity was to help students with their confidence and overcome their fear of public speaking. Another exercise we all engaged in was going out into the parking lot and talk about drinking and driving. There were cones lined up on both sides of the lot that were a few feet apart and you got to put on goggles that made you see out of them like you were intoxicated and drive a mini go kart without hitting the cones. This exercise was supposed to display the dangers of how unsafe it is to drink and drive because  at any moment someone can be killed or severely injured. The final activity we did was putting a storyline together with pictures without seeing the other person’s picture. Instead, we had to describe our picture to the other person without them seeing it and put ourselves in order of the storyline. A participant, Taylor Finescu stated,̈This was a great experience and I definitely recommend. It helped me get out of my comfort zone and we got free food so it was a lot of fun.̈ The main objective of this activity was communicating with your group.


These different activities that we all took part in throughout the day pushed students out of their comfort zones to become better leaders and to gain more confidence. This was an amazing experience for all of the students and staff that were involved. Lindy Cares hosts other events such as Red Ribbon Week and the annual Color Run. Students can get involved in any Lindy Care meetings, even if you did not join in September. The group meetings usually take place in the library on Tuesdays after school.