Is Cheating Getting Worse With Remote Learning?

Patricia Sadowski, Staff Writer

Do you find yourself not trying your best over this course of remote learning? The availability of the Internet while taking a test at home makes it so easy for students to cheat at home. Everyone pretty much always wants to do their best on an exam or classwork because it affects our grade. Now without a teacher around, students take advantage of it and work on assignments together. The laziness starts to kick in and people rely on others for work.

Remote learning has pros and cons to it. With online learning, students are able to sleep in a little later than they would when physically getting up for school. Typically getting ready to sit in front of the computer doesn’t take the amount of time to get ready to go in. Kids are able to grab food whenever they want and use the bathroom at their convenience. They are able to complete their assignments straight from their comfy bed. Students are able to take short little breaks in between classes and take a breather before their next class. In school, that is definitely not an option. Some even find that being on their phone while in class is awesome, but is it really? The phones cause a huge distraction and this leads to the whole concept of cheating.

On the other hand, there are cons to remote learning. There is no teacher around you to tell you to get off your phone, so some kids use that as a way to get better grades. A Lindenhurst High School junior, Higia Saravia states, “Yes, I believe cheating is getting worse with remote learning. In reality, I think for some people it’s their only choice. I mean people are at home and they have so many open sources to use. I think some people utilize these resources positively but there are others that take it as an advantage to just rely on better grades.” 

Another student, Melissa Hofer, says she agrees with Saravia’s statement.  She adds to it by saying, “since we’re at home it’s definitely a lot easier. In school you can’t cheat but at home no one can see what you’re doing. Also most kids don’t pay attention in class so they need to cheat.” 

If students continue to cheat, are they really learning anything in this school year? People who attend school admit that cheating is getting worse. “I think cheating is getting worse since people tend to be lazier when they are at home,” says Alyssa Boch. 

The whole idea of online learning may sound fun to a certain extent. Not paying attention in class and still managing to pass sounds amazing to most students. Although, cheating could become a very bad habit that follows you throughout the next couple years in school including college. It is also really unfair those students who ask for answers reply on those who put in their time and effort to complete the work. Kids don’t learn anything by cheating but finding new people to give them the work. This can really affect a person later on in their life.