The Effects of Defunding the USPS

Nick Rippo, Managing Editor

By now most people have heard about the USPS being defunded, as it became a huge political issue a few months ago. Now, with the election coming so soon, what effects will it really have? As reported by USA Today, the postmaster general has close ties to the current administration and also has “up to a total $75,815,000 in assets from the U.S. Postal Service competitors, according to government records.”  It seems that this defunding has a very specific target. Especially with President Trump continually disparaging the USPS, saying that mail in ballots will cause voter fraud, and refusing to say whether he will allow a peaceful transfer of power.

When asked directly about a peaceful transfer of power, President Trump said, “We’ll want to have — get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.” This deliberate rejection of democracy is dangerous and should be taken very seriously. As mailboxes and machines used to process mail have been put out of use for no legitimate reason, it seems many mail in ballots won’t be counted on election day. With far more democrats planning on voting by mail then republicans, this presents an obvious advantage. One way to circumvent this if you are voting by mail is to drop off your ballot directly instead of relying on the USPS. 

Some have predicted that the current situation could lead to events very similar to those in the election of 2000. During that time Florida had been called for Bush, however a number of ballots weren’t counted, many of which in back communities which were more likely to vote democrat. As recounts happened, the state was sued and it went up to the supreme court, where the majority conservative ruled that the votes wouldn’t be counted. Something very similar to this could happen this election with mail in votes and the rushing in of judge Amy Coney Barrett weeks before the election seems to confirm this as a big possibility.