What Are Our Clubs Up To?


Photo Via The Conversation

Michelle Kurianowicz, Staff Writer

As our clubs are getting adjusted to the new normal, let’s take a look at what some clubs are up to. 

Model United Nations

Lindenhursts Model United Nations club has been making the best of the current situation. Moving towards their 6th meeting this year, as well as their first practice debate, students are learning about competition procedure, as well as current events in preparation for the virtual conferences they will be attending this year. Students are gaining exposure to the Model United Nations procedure by participating in practice debates, doing small activities, and attending university run workshops. One of the conferences some members will be attending virtually will be in February, hosted by LIU Post. If you are interested in joining, contact Mr. Viggiano. 

Computer Club 

The Computer Club is also making the best of the situation, and has  been meeting remotely once a week. Club advisor, Mr. Habibi says, We have been looking at in-depth, challenging computer programming problems and taking advantage of the extra time outside of regular school hours to try our hand at the harder challenges.In addition to exploring computer programming challenges, members are also exploring computer science culture and history. Students are enjoying learning about early computer scientists, like Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. We’re also in the process of learning how to play Go, an ancient Chinese board game that is very popular among computer programmers.Sounds like a lot of fun! If anyone is interested in joining the Computer Club, contact Mr. Habibi. 


The flagship high school business club has been doing their best to transition all in-person activities to online oriented. Lindenhursts DECA chapter has been preparing for the regional competition, which will be based online this year. Students have been taking practice multiple choice exams, which will determine their eligibility for the state competition, usually held in Rochester. However, this year, all competitions will be held virtually this year due to the current state of the pandemic, but students are thankful for the opportunity to be able to compete regardless. If you are interested in participating in DECA in the next school year, contact Mr. Cullen.