The Pilgrimage into the Mind Part 2:

Digital Dementia

The Pilgrimage into the Mind Part 2:

Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

When technology such as cell phones became popular, the older generations warned the younger generations to wean off  their technology use because studies may come out about brain damage resulting from too much use. Well, a disease called digital dementia can possibly prove those people right.

A Very Simple Definition

Digital Dementia is an illness where your brain relies on technology and as a result, cognitive abilities such as short term memory, attention span, visual/auditory processing, and possibly others deteriorate. It is also caused from the slouching positioning similar to the kid in the picture to the right.

The term was given credit to from a diagnosis derived from German neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer in his book, Digital Dementia, (from 2012) titled his claim. According to, Spitzer prophesied that the disease would break down cognitive abilities resulting in a brain similar to someone with a head injury.

How Bad Is It?

If it is a widespread disorder that is said to be compared to Alzheimer’s, then there must be numerous deaths, new reports addressing the subject, and a race to find a cure? Well, not exactly.  An interview with Professor Michael Madeja (a doctor of medicine, brain researcher and Professor of Medicine at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany) into account then you may disagree.

“ No, ‘digital dementia’ is a term primarily intended to have advertising appeal. We have no evidence that using digital media leads to harmful changes in the brain, and particularly not those found in types of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. ”

— Professor Michael Madeja

Digital Dementia is still relatively new, so scientists can’t say so certain if Spitzer is overreacting.  Madeja is passing this off as an understatement, or something down the middle. However there is a “cure” or an all-natural remedy or maybe just using our head more so it can adjust and lay off the phone. Yet the easy extent of Google, does not show if there are any medications available.

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